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Nala, our Guardian, typical day in her life

Posted by Nala and her person, Dermot Cosgrove

Nala, our project Guardian, and her person, Dermot Cosgrove.

I get him out of bed early, he’s had enough sleep, anyway if he’d gone to bed when I told him he wouldn’t be tired. I need toast with plenty of butter before we go for my walk, he told me he’d bring me somewhere special today, the bog, the woods, the beach. I don’t care as long as there’s mud.

He’s bringing water and snacks and the dreaded harness; I hate that, and it means we’re going in the car. It’s the long drive, the windows are down so I can smell my way to the Burren, there’ll be water and lots of poo to roll in and it’s warm, so he always gets me a pup cup after.

He tells me that it was places like this where my ancestors came from, barren hills where we protected the flocks from the wolf and the bear, but he needs to bring more treats if he wants me to work or I’m telling Nana. I sniff for fox poo and goats and run through muddy puddles and try and knock him over.

He’s stopped again, I wish he’d hurry up, he’s always taking pictures of me or worse, watching birds! Great people, yeah rub my head waste more of my walk talking, why don’t they ever bring treats. He better make cheeseburgers tonight after this!!


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