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How do we get results?
From a pile of bones ...

A pile of animal bones, mainly dog bones on a tray

There are many steps to be taken on our walk before we see any results or have answers to our questions about Viking-Age and Medieval dogs, wolves and horses. Each bone needs to be identified, tested and all the results from all the samples need to be brought together for comparison.


We have many questions including:

  • What roles did dogs play?

  • Did these roles change through time?

  • Where were they from?

  • What body sizes were they?

  • What did they eat?

  • Were they male or female?

  • What kind of 'family tree' or relationships to each other had they?

  • What were their roles in Viking and Medieval societies and did these change through time?


We are including several dogs from several sites from Ireland and Britain in this project.



Find out about the various stages involved before we get to the results stages in 2023 and 2028. It takes a lot of  time for the various pack specialists to complete their laboratory work and analyse the data to find out answers to our questions. But we will keep you all up-to-date with Bite-sized Treats!

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