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Art and The Viking Dogs

Posted by John Flynn

Hello my name is John Flynn, I’m the resident artist of the Viking Dogs project and I’ve been given the task of bringing these wonderful animals to life through the medium of art.

The main themes I use in my artwork are always along the lines history, nature, myths and legends, so this project could not have been more perfect. With archaeology and science the main focus is on a facts, dates and trying to understand what the person, animal or place was doing duringthis period of time but with art we get to have more fun with our imagination with these facts and figures.

My main is aim with this project is to explorethe animal behind bones that the team has discovered. We bring it to life throughcolour, detail and that littlebit of craziness that goes with art. Visually we let our eyes and minds set fire to these old bones, and we capture the spirit of what it really means to be Vikings dogs.


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