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The Guardian

Nala, our Guardian, a Caucasian shepherd dog. Nala will protect us from bears on our walk through time.

The Guardian of our full pack is Nala, a Caucasian shepherd dog. Nala will protect us all on our long walk through time to study Viking and Medieval dogs, wolves and horses in human societies. She will check in with us from time to time with a Bite-sized Treat post, to ensure we are all doing okay.

Nala is nearly 2 years old (her birthday is on the 12th November). Her Dad's name is Toby, her Mum's name is Tessa, and her grandfather who is in Romania, Ahab, has won a few awards.

Caucasian shepherd dogs are an ancient breed from the mountains of the Caucasus region of eastern Europe. They are a guardian type dog, used to guard property and livestock against trespassers, wolves and bears. Caucasians' personality ranges from being bold, fearless, self-confident and fierce when a threat is present, but is soft, devoted, kind and endearing to its human family.


Nala's human is called Dermot Cosgrove and they live in Co. Clare. Nala is ensuring Co. Clare region in the west of Ireland remains bear free. Dermot has completed many long distance cross-country solo hiking trips including the Arctic Circle Trail, raising funds in aid of Dogs for the Disabled charity.

Nala standing in a puddle of water
Nala on her side looking at the camera smiling
Nala in a field, watching out for monsters and bears
Nala, taking a break and sitting in some grass with her tongue out
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