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Exclusive online Zoom Backers' talks and Q&A sessions (1.5hrs) by the Principal Investigator of the project (aka Research Pack leader), leading Irish zooarchaeologist Dr Ruth Carden. Join the Viking Clan!


Strict limit to 30 Backer's only.


Note: Due to different countries taxes, the taxes and shipping costs, where applicable, are added on to the price displayed at checkout.


Be the first to hear about new results, behind-the-scenes, project updates etc.


These talks will be recorded and links provided to those Backer's that cannot not attend the live sessions due to different time zones. Talks will be delivered from Ireland (GMT) time zone.


At least three online talks will be presented to the 30 Backer's who sign up to this exlusive reward during the Interim progress and/or results phases (end of 2024, during 2026) and then the Final results phase (2028/9), which collates all results from the different techniques and allows for whole interpretation of the results and the full story to emerge.


No contents of the talks or results may be distributed online in any form or submitted to press/other outlets. The Backer's will be asked to sign an agreement to this effect. This is to prevent results being shared prior to our journal papers being published.


Backer's name will be on display on our special Backers' wall on our website to say thank you for supporting our grassroots project.

Viking Clan: Exclusive Backers' online Zoom talks (Limited to 30)

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