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Backer's can name our individual archaeological dogs (LIMIT of 45) from various sites and these names shall be used to identify the samples and their results, used in outreach engagement and publications.


Note: Due to different countries taxes, the taxes and shipping costs, where applicable, are added on to the price displayed at checkout.


Instead of for example, dog sample 'ChLn23' (Chancery Lane dog number 23), your name will be the label associated with that dog in everything we do. We will announce each dog name with a photo of the dog's bone we use, along with the Backer's name, on our social media.


Names should be short in character length, ideally 8 characters/letters long or less.


Names must be safe for work, strict adherence to avoid racism/being offensive will ensue.


Backer's name will be on display on our special Backers' wall on our website to say thank you for supporting our grassroots project.


We will email you by mid August 2023, or earlier, to obtain your name of choice and associate it with an archaeological dog and these details shall be emailed to you.

Backer's Viking/Medieval dog naming rights (Limited to 45)

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