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Welcome to The Pack! AWOOOOO!


Welcome to The Pack and this grassroots project about dogs, wolves and horses in Irish and British Viking and Medieval times.

This grassroots project will run from 2022 to 2026, with results coming at various stages.

We have two secondary schools signed up in the Kennel Packs section, each with their own unique content about their adopted dog that they name themselves. These pages are password protected per school. Unique content will be posted along with unique opportunities for online engagement with members of the Researcher Pack. We hope to generate interest and influence the next generation of scientists and archaeologists with this engagement.

Come along with us on our long walk through time, back to Viking and Medieval periods. We have our Guardian, Nala, to protect us from bears and untoward characters along the way. She will check in with us everyso often here.

Our blog posts, aka Bite-sized Treats, will be posted with weekly updates about key information and facts, along with project updates.

Sign up to the emailing list and never miss a Treat!

We appreciate any and all support and if you can spare some change, buy us a coffee to help us work. Thank you!

Exciting news to follow in November 2022 - stay tuned!


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