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I have escaped the island of Lyngvi at last

On the eve of your Samhain the veil between your world and mine lifts, allowing me to cross over and make myself known. I am called many names – Fenrisúlfr, Hróðvitnir, Vánagandr – but you can call me Fenrir, “He Who Dwells in the Marshes”.

The Aesir gods raised me in Asgard to keep me under their control lest I become an agent of chaos in the Nine Worlds. I grew at such a pace from a young wolf pup that the gods tried and failed to chain me several times. It has been prophesied that I will slay Odin and swallow the sun during Ragnarok. Well, my father is Loki after all.

I see that I was worshiped once upon a time in Dyflin – or Dublin as you say now, as an amulet of my image was found in an excavation in Fishamble Street[1]. But no longer do humans seek to my protection. So I have returned to your world Midgard this Samhain to watch over the pack, lead the team to find the answers my kind have left for them in the bones and remind you all that I am to be loved - AND FEARED!

I will return…

[1] Lang, J. T 1988 Viking Age Decorated Wood; A Study of its Ornament and Style, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin

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